Full-Service Merchant Processor and Gateway

In todays changing world merchants need to be agile and able to deploy new payment solutions with minimal disruption and capital expense. With many years experience creating flexible payment solutions for merchants of every size DigiPay is uniquely qualified to to leverage current and emerging technology to facilitate payments seamlessly across channels.

Low-Risk Merchants

Our powerful gateway enables low-risk merchants the ability to process at the lowest rates and interchange points. We invite you to peruse our site and discover why DigiPay Solutions is the premier provider of merchant services for Low-Risk Merchants.

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High-Risk Merchants

If your business is classified as high-risk we understand you have complex payment needs and must continually adapt to ever changing rules and regulations. As a risk-holding payment provider we offer in-house underwriting and risk management to help you maintain a healthy merchant account processing at the lowest possible rate.

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eCommerce Merchants

At DigiPay, we know e-commerce. Our solutions are designed to increase sales and conversions by helping merchants simplify payments and acquire unique insights about their customers. Our on-demand identity verification serves two purposes, fraud prevention and rich customer analytics for improved marketing.

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DigiPay Pro Services

DigiPay Pro Services. We instantly expand your team to include experienced payment experts with the knowledge you need to craft the right solutions at the lowest cost.

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DigiPay Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway functions as a power strip connected to a complete line of plug and play tools to help you streamline operations. High-risk? Our proprietary integrations are engineered to prevent chargebacks and fraud before they happen.

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DigiPay Chargeback Guard

Preventing chargebacks and fraud is essential to maintain a healthy merchant account, and to avoid your account being frozen, or terminated. Using a single interface, we provide access to our global network of major card issuing banks and our award winning Chargeback Management Program.

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TranZlytics reduces chargebacks and fraud through alerts, predictive analytics, and representments. Our integrated approach relieves you of the burden of managing chargebacks and fraud in-house or ad-hoc.

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