A Payment Platform For Today

Tranzlytics is more than a gateway. It is a payment platform that combines technology and human intelligence to make your job easier and your company more profitable.

Powerful Transaction Analytics

TranZlytics is intelligent by design. Think Einstein and an elephant. Super smart analytics applied to every transaction you process, and once seen, never forgotten.

Profits, Not Losses

Imagine what would happen if the time spent fighting chargebacks and fraud was directed towards initiatives that deliver profit. Now, imagine if you had access to hundreds of data points on your customers such as demographics, wealth/net worth score, estimated income, purchasing power, lifestyle, and behavioral attributes that span decades. This is the power of TranZltyics.


  • Software as a Service
  • On-Demand Identity Verification
  • Data-driven Customer Metrics
  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Reduced Chargebacks


  • Approve More Orders
  • Uncover New Revenue Streams
  • Amplified KYC
  • Better Marketing Performance
  • Improved Profitability

Integrated Analytics

  1. Increase Profits

    TranZlytics uses business intelligence and human expertise to prevent good transactions from being declined. And we don’t stop there. Our transaction analytics help you identify good customers based on their transaction history and e-DNA.

  2. Decrease Fraud:

    When it comes to fraud and chargebacks one size doesn’t fit all. We understand your business is unique and that fraudsters are sophisticated and adept at exploiting vulnerabilities. This is why the TranZlytics platform is engineered to adapt and change. And it is why we have a team of human fraud and chargeback experts at your disposal. Our holistic approach offers the protection you need to keep your merchant account up and processing at the lowest rate. Schedule a live demo and we’ll show you how TranZlytics can increase your profits and reduce your losses.

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“TranZlytics proprietary machine learning and human fraud experts provide the most efficient and adaptable fraud system available today.”

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