Prevent Transaction Downgrades

Our sophisticated software collects and analyzes cardholder data as it enters our system, then performs the required functions to prevent that transaction from being downgraded. Call us to learn how you can save as much as 70 basis points on interchange rates.

Are You Leaking Profits?

Merchants are often assessed higher transaction fees because their processor lacks the expertise and technical know-how to ensure every transaction is properly handled.

Lower Transaction Fees

What separates us from the competition is keeping current with Interchange Rate Adjustments and knowing how to apply this information to prevent costly downgrades.

Increase Margins

We begin by performing a detailed statement analysis to identify your profit leaks. Next, we work with your team to customize the rules settings to recognize transactions that are costing you more. Finally, the Interchange Optimizer will be fine-tuned to prevent transactions from being downgraded.

DigiPay Consulting

In the changing world of payment processing merchants need more than a processor. They need a partner with the experience and knowledge to navigate increasing complexities. DigiPay delivers on all counts.

  1. A Praise-worthy Team & Partners You Can Trust

    A trusted name and brand doesn’t just happen. It takes many years of consistently doing the right things. What sets us apart is our team and our long standing relationships with the most influential people in payments. From the card associations to acquiring banks and processors, DigiPay is known as a trusted partner because of our long history of operating with integrity and our desire to create a win-win for all.

  2. A Global Strategy for International Expansion

    Our platform will convert more than 240 currencies and intelligently route transactions to the bank with the lowest processing rate, at lightning fast speed. We make it simple for you to rapidly expand to international markets.

  3. Solutions for Our Changing World

    In todays changing world merchants need to be agile and able to deploy new payment solutions with minimal disruption and capital expense. With many years experience creating flexible payment solutions for merchants of every size DigiPay is uniquely qualified to to leverage current and emerging technology to facilitate payments seamlessly across channels.

DigiPay helped us batten down the hatches on chargebacks and kept my MIDs alive and healthy.
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“DigiPay helped us figure out where we were leaving money on the table and we were surprised how easy and seamless it was to optimize interchange rates.”

Partner with DigiPay

We’re always looking for new partners and agent offices.
Are you a bank? We can place merchant declines so you maintain the relationship.

Are you an ISO or agent? We can place your high-risk merchants and find solutions for merchants with complex needs.