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QDRO Preparation

QDRO Preparation

Ensuring financial security in a bitter divorce is important. A qualified domestic relations order helps you secure your 401k and 403b. Receiving qualified support in QDRO preparation from Moon, Schwartz, and Madden ensures that your attempt at acheving peace of mind succeeds.

Five Benefits of Using an Attorney to Draft a QDRO

More than 50 percent of attempts at self-representation in courts fail. A single mistake becomes a waterfall that allows the other party in divorce proceedings to unfairly separate.

Attorneys help QDROs succeed. We:

  • Create a complete picture of your finances
  • Are trained in legal jargon and the finite details of proceedings
  • Know which evidence to file with the courts
  • Help clients in during a confusing time
  • Avoid direct and bitter struggles between divorcing parties

The ability to receive qualified help is as important as the need to avoid letting emotions become part of divorce proceedings. Judges and courts are concerned with legal arguments, not passionate pleas.

Getting a Complete Picture of Finances

The bedrock of all QDRO requests is actual finances. There is no room for mistakes. A simple miscalculation allows another party to influence the request.

Combing through your finances with a fine-toothed comb lets you confidently present your request. An ironclad document based on actual knowledge is more likely to receive approval.

Knowing the Law

Knowing the law is more difficult than looking through a law book. Interpretation of laws and contracts involves precedence and circumstance. The judge may examine retirement accounts based on their exact wording or intent.

In divorce proceedings, it is not a good idea to leave interpretation to chance. Lawyers are research experts, well trained in finding cases related to yours and forming the basis of your request.

Evidence Driven Orders

Any order requires building enough evidence that shapes your case. The order lives within a sea of other documents and hearings establishing the reasoning behind your financial situation.

Attorneys expertly build your case. We file the right documents at the right times and use the right proceedings to help our clients achieve a just outcome.

Cutting Through Confusion

Legal documents require precise lettering unaffected by emotion. Your legal name, actual address, real income, and other recognized information are all that a court considers.

We help you avoid complications and can keep a separation from becoming a protracted disaster. Our attorneys not only help fill out the form but provide advice related to changing your name and dealing with temporary addresses.

Avoiding Direct Conflict

Heated arguments and bickering that spill over to the courtroom negatively influence all parties. Judges are unwilling to be at the center of a family feud. The best outcome for all parties is only available when cooler heads prevail.

Attorneys are the perfect intermediary for any legal proceeding. We understand your case but avoid altercations. It is within our oath to avoid passion plays.

Where can I find help with QDRO preparation?

QDRO preparation appears simple but is actually quite complex. The lawyers at Moon, Schwartz, and Madden know how to draft documents that cut through emotions and confusion while building your case.

Get in touch with us at (925) 258-7100 today.

QDRO Preparation

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QDRO Preparation

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