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How to Pass a Continuing Disability Review

How to pass a continuing disability review is not complicated, and we can help. Check out National- Disability-Benefits.org and let us help you today.


What are the two types of continuing disability reviews?


There is a work review. During this kind of review, the SSA is looking to see if you are earning more than 1090.00 per month, which they consider substantial gain activity, (SGA). If you are, your benefits could be terminated. Your work activity or earnings activity can trigger work or medical review.


There is a medical review, and during this type of review, the SSA is making sure you continue to meet the medical requirements that enable you to collect disability benefits.


How to pass a continuing disability review is basically about meeting the Social Security Administration's criteria. How often you are required to give a continuing disability review, (CDR) will depend on how severe your condition is and if it is likely to improve. 


  • If your condition is not expected to improve, you will have a CDR once every five to seven years.
  • If your situation could possibly improve, you will usually see a review in three years.
  • If your condition is expected to improve, you could be reviewed in as little as six to 18 months. 


It is essential to know how to pass a continuing disability review, and it is critical you respond to all the forms and documents from SSA. Failure to do so could result in your benefits being terminated. 


What are the criteria to be considered disabled by the SSA?


  • You need to have a medical professional that can confirm the severity of your medical condition.
  • If you are unable to work because of mental or physical impairment, your impairment is going to last at least twelve months.
  • You need to have worked for the past five out of ten years and paid FICA taxes.
  • Your age needs to be between 21 and full retirement age.


Your disabling condition must interfere with your ability to have gainful employment. There are several conditions which qualify for you for disability benefits.



kidney disease

digestive tract problems

skin disorders

various syndromes

musculoskeletal problems (back injury)

cardiovascular conditions

respiratory illnesses

senses and speech problems

neurological disorders (Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, cerebral palsy)

mental disorders

hematological disorders


Several disorders qualify, and there are over 200 plus compassionate allowance listings. Many people that apply for SSDI will not be eligible. Backlogged applications are commonplace for the SSA.


How do I apply for Social Security Benefits?


Are you curious to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? If eligible, you could get up to $2,788 a month and get the financial compensation you need.

Take this FREE one minute online survey to see how much you may qualify to receive.


You can apply online or make an appointment to go to your local SSA office and apply in person. You can also use the telephone if you can't get to an office. Because of the number of people applying for disability, it is more likely your claim will be denied rather than approved. Even if your application is rejected, you can appeal and take your request to the federal court. 


If you are denied and need help, contact us at National-Disability-benefits.org, and we will provide you with a free disability evaluation. 

Learn How to Pass a Continuing Disability Review

Once you’ve been approved for disability benefits, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your financial worries are greatly lessened. Even if your disability checks do not cover all of your living expenses, they’ll make it easier for you to make ends meet from month to month. Many benefit recipients are unaware that they’ll have to pass a continuing disability review every few years to continue receiving disability checks. Our experts at National Disability ...

Tips for How to Pass a Continuing Disability Review

How to Pass a Continuing Disability ReviewIndividuals receiving SSI or SSDI from the Social Security Administration will likely face case reviews from time to time. When the Social Security Administration reviews a recipient's eligibility for benefits, the process is called a continuing disability review.A disability review examines whether a recipient remains unable to work because of their medical condition. Adults receiving federal benefits can expect a case review to occur every three ...
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How to Pass a Continuing Disability Review

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