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Data Capture Companies

The use of data and information is usually underestimated but very useful to businesses. It improves sales, boosts visibility on the internet, and strengthens relationships with the customers, increasing the customer base.

However, data must be duly organized, concise, and sorted for easy access, collation, and effective use. This where ScanOptics comes in to help you solve your data management concerns.


Our company is an independent institution and one of the best data capture companies committed to providing the best services in automatic identification and data collection, data management, data collection, and processing.

We have many years of extensive experience and an undefeated track record of excellent services, which is why our clients are ready to trust us.

With our company possessing the latest scanning technology available, we handle every aspect of scanning you would like to do, including preparing your document, scanning the document, and eventual storage of your documents in a best-secured way.

We also have systems and technologies that read and capture your data from your documents and sort them in an organized manner. We are the best choice for your AIDC need as we possess quality AI technologies and machine learning systems.

Our system works with precision even more than humans can ever be accurate. After capturing your data, the data is routed to determine the best location for integration into your systems. The data is stored in your system in a way that you can understand and comprehend. We make a difference by ensuring that you are satisfied with the results of your work. Within a short time, you have perfectly sorted and saved data in your system.

At our company, automatic data capture is made easy for our clients because we are always concerned for our clients and their company's welfare. We ensure that our customer care lines are always open, and you can speak to our staff about any help you may need.

Our services can are classified into:


Our access services are the best in terms of end to end solutions. Most companies in America depends on our access services for repairs, servicing, sales, and warranty of their data processing equipment such as scanners, mail openers and sealers, printers, and others. Our company is ready to confirm the quality of your equipment from other vendors. We are tested and trusted by leading manufacturers for our affordable and quality services.


Our digital experts' teams are knowledgeable about trending developments in intelligent scanning, data management, and digital transformation of your data. We consult with you to determine your expectations, cost, and goals to be achieved. We then develop a solution and incorporate cutting edge AI technology to create and implement your services. We also provide training services for members of your teams so you can handle emergencies on your own.

The benefits of using our company for the digitalization of your data collection include better customer services and interaction. It increases your sales, boosts productivity, and ensures you're working with the best service provider in the industry.

For data capture and management, contact Scanoptics for the most intelligent data management.

Data Capture Companies
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Data Capture Companies

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