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credit card processing companies Texas

credit card processing companies Texas
Credit card processing companies in Texas aren't all created equal. Zeerpay makes it easy for your business to take credit cards and chip embedded EMV cards, from in-house to any place your smartphone can go. Zeerpay helps merchants grow their businesses, with options that open doors that have otherwise been closed.
Tired or turning customers away? Imagine never losing another sale simply because you aren't set up for credit cards- and it's not as complicated as you might think. ZeerPay has credit card processing options for all companies in and around Texas.
Payeezy Gateway makes taking all the latest forms of payment a snap. You can process a variety of payments with their API libraries and SDKs, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and many others. Build your business with Payeezy and take the payment forms that more people are using today. It's the simplest way to accept transactions online.
Payeezy comes equipped with security features like encryption and tokenization to ensure that data is concealed at every risk point. You can even extend your business across borders into more countries than any other payment processor. Customers simply pay in their own currency, and it's quickly converted into your own.
Looking for mobile payment options? ZeerPay makes credit card processing for mobile companies across Texas simple and convenient- for you and your customers. Take a look at the latest mobile devices:
- CloverGo. This tandem device can help you take credit card payment right over your smartphone or tablet- and forget about turning away cards with an embedded EMV chip, as it's equipped for those as well. Now you can securely and reliably accept credit and debit cards anywhere your smartphone can go!
- Clover Mobile is everything you could want in a full featured POS, in a compact, handheld machine. Step into line at your store and help out customers without having to stand at the register! Take tableside payments or let your clients pay from their homes. Whatever your needs, the Clover Mobile will go with you and handle the details when it comes time to pay.
- The VX680 Wireless makes credit card processing for companies throughout Texas easier than ever before. As a small yet fully functional payment device, this handheld device offers a large, color touch screen, and is both durable and adaptable for many different merchants. Merchants that deliver and take payments, stadium vendors and restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers will find the VX680 to be extremely useful for day to day activity.
ZeerPay is a leading provider of credit card processing for companies across Texas. If you're a business owner, self employed individual or employer looking for options in credit card processing, visit ZeerPay online at zeerpay.com to learn about the types of equipment that is available to meet your needs.
Zeerpay is dedicated to the success of your company- and has the equipment to back you up.
credit card processing companies Texas

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credit card processing companies Texas

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