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Cbd Merchant Account

Cbd Merchant Account

Get fast approval for your CBD merchant account when you call APS Alternative Payment System. Even if a bank or other lender has rejected a prior application for your account, we can help you get the attention of one of our lenders and ensure the fast, reliable set-up of your online payment gateway. Our lending partners champion CBD suppliers and others within the medical marijuana industry.

High-Risk Business Solutions

The sale of CBD products classifies your business as high-risk, and while there’s no way around that classification, there are alternative options available to you when you reach out to an APS agent. We work hard to help business owners in the CBD, hemp, and medical marijuana industries apply for and get approved for merchant accounts that enable credit card and personal check payment acceptance. Trust us with your domestic or international CBD merchant account, knowing we have your best interest at the heart of all we do.

Serving Clients in the CBD Industry

While CBD products have been proven effective for the relief of symptoms associated with many different medical conditions, the fact remains, CBD study is still in its infancy. It may be years before conventional lenders begin to understand the needs of business owners in the CBD product line- but that doesn’t mean owners of CBD shops and websites don’t deserve the chance to compete in today’s market. We believe it’s every business owner’s right to share in the potential market for selling goods or services- and we can help you get approved quickly.

Why You Need a CBD Merchant Account

Without the ability to accept credit card payments online, you rule out 95% of your customer base. Most shoppers come to the Web expecting to use their credit card as a form of payment, and while a tiny percentage of potential customers may agree to send you a personal check or money order, you’ll find it impossible to compete for business without a secure payment gateway. APS has an easy sign-up process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Find out more when you reach out to one of our agents for additional information.

The High Risk Stigma

Banks and credit unions avoid high risk businesses because they don’t truly have the best interest of their clients in mind. We hear from clients nearly every day who tell us their lifelong banker rejected their CBD merchant account, even after their family had been doing business with them for generations. At APS, we believe you deserve better treatment, and we’ll help you achieve positive success in sales and business growth when you trust us with your CBD merchant account.

Get Started Now

Learn more about our services by visiting our ‘High Risk Solutions’ page or by clicking ‘About Us’ on our homepage. We’re just a phone call away if you need to speak with one of our account experts. You’ve chosen a noble industry, and we’d like to champion your efforts to succeed in your efforts to market CBD to the world.

Cbd Merchant Account

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Cbd Merchant Account

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